Hi! My name is Nathan and I’ll be helping Ross handle some of the online stuff for Oahu Makerspace. When I was a child, I was interested in all sorts of building toys: Lego, Erector, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc. Built wooden boats with electric motors to take to the beach (learned small boats and waves don’t work well together), sewed uniforms for my action figures, repaired bicycles, launched rockets, built electronic kits. My dad taught things like small home construction projects, woodworking, auto repair. My mom taught me about nature, science, and space. I thought all parents taught their kids these kinds of things, but in High School I learned that I was lucky and most of my friends lacked this kind of experience and knowledge.

For years I have bemoaned the lack of interest of students in these types of hands-on projects. Then I realized it was a lack of opportunity and exposure. This is why I was extremely excited when there was talk about creating Makerspaces on Oahu. Not happy with the particleboard furniture at the store but don’t know how to build your idea in wood? Want to learn how to weld metal but don’t know anyone who can teach you? Want something engraved but the cost to have it done commercially is too high? Want something laser cut out of acrylic but the cost of a laser cutter isn’t justifiable? Come down to a Makerspace and they can show you that YOU can do it.

Due to work and family (two fun kids that still want their Daddy around) I can’t spend the time I would like to at the Makerspace supporting the programs. But I can work on the online things to provide some relief to Ross. Hopefully you will start to see the blank pages in this site being replaced with something more interesting and valuable. I haven’t done active webpage maintenance in over 8 years so this is going to be a learning experience for me. But that is also one of the ideas behind a Makerspace: learning something new.


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