Year: 2014

Map of Suppliers

During the kickoff, some people asked where they could get supplies for their projects. Our location is fantastic in that we have so many companies near by that can meet your needs. Electronics parts, raw metal, lumber, tools, even self-storage

We Are Open!

The kickoff went really well this past weekend.  We opened our doors for members on Monday.  It is gratifying to have people in the shop using the equipment at long last.

Kickoff on Aug 16 and 17!

We are having our kickoff opening next weekend from 9 am to 9pm.  We will also be holding orientation classes every 2 hours starting at 11 am.  Anyone who signs up will be assigned a personal storage locker that can

Open House!

We are hosting an open house at the new Oahu Makerspace location this Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 9 pm on both days.  Come and see the new space, look at the new equipment, and learn about the benefits of being a member. Go to the Policies page to read up

Got Some New Equipment Today!

We received a plasma cutter, another stick welder, and a powder coating oven!  We need to upgrade our electrical system to handle these items.  We also got a large bench grinder and a couple buckets of hand tools.

Schedule of Equipment Updated

I just revised the Equipment Schedule calendars. Due to staffing limitations or equipment maintenance, some equipment may not be available on certain days. You can check the calendars to see if the equipment you would like to use is available

Policies and Membership Fees posted

I just updated the Policies page and posted the new membership fees.  This is really exciting!  We were really able to reduce the cost of membership.  Take a look at the equipment list and see what members will have access

Equipment List Updated

Updated the equipment list and included photos. Spent today building a workbench for the electronics lab.

Almost Ready

Been putting in a huge amount of hours getting the space ready.  We were looking for whiteboards for the classroom but they are so expensive.  Found whiteboard material at Lowes for really cheap!  Now to put it up and install


The new place is nice, but it still needs renovation so we can call it our own.  We spent about 10 hours today building new walls and working on the layout.