Kickoff on Aug 16 and 17!

We are having our kickoff opening next weekend from 9 am to 9pm.  We will also be holding orientation classes every 2 hours starting at 11 am.  Anyone who signs up will be assigned a personal storage locker that can be used to store small projects at the Makerspace.  This is normally $10 a month.

And starting the following Monday, Aug 18th, Oahu Makerspace will be open!

2 comments on “Kickoff on Aug 16 and 17!
  1. Christopher Melahn says:

    I think I signed/filled out an information form previously,

    I am interested in attending the “kickoff” sometime this weekend; do interested parties have to make a reservation? thanks,

    • Nathan says:

      No reservation is required. Come on down, we will be there. If you have time, you could attend the Orientation Briefing. It will be every two hours starting at 11 am with the last one at 7 pm. There will be a signup sheet at the space.

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