Glass fusing now available!

We received a small kiln at the Makerspace and wondered if it was suitable for fusing small pieces of glass.


As a test, a rectangular piece of red glass was placed on kiln paper placed in the kiln.  A small square of the same glass was placed on top, diagonally, with one corner hanging over the edge.  If the kiln could reach a high enough temperature, the two pieces will reach full fuse and become indistinguishable from each other.  If it only got part way, the corner would sag over but the two pieces would still appear distinct.



The kiln does not have a thermometer and the controls are Off, L, M, and H.  If we intend to use this for glass fusing, some upgrades will be necessary.  For now, set to H.  After one hour, it looks like the glass reached full fuse!



After two hours of cooling, the glass was removed from the kiln.  Success!  Full fuse was attained.  We’ll look into upgrading the kiln to take the guesswork out of it.  Then look into offering classes.  Right now, if any member knows how to fuse glass, they are welcome to start using it.

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