New equipment!

We just got a wide format banner printer! With the dye sub machines and vinyl printer, we are a one stop print shop. If you need a banner printed, stickers made, custom coffee mugs or mouse pads created, let us know!

Update on Classes

We are close to resuming our classes. Welding and blacksmithing will be announced soon as well as the newly revised 2D design/sticker cutting. Based on feedback from the Honolulu Mini Maker Fare, we will be offering a class on operating 3D printers and a clinic for people who have 3D printers but are having problems getting them to work.

New equipment

We have received a lot of new equipment over the past few months. The wiki has been sorely neglected and that is something we need to fix. But for now here are some photos of the things we just got in.

Centrifugal casting machine: Make a mold, insert into machine, melt metal, pour into crucible, release the arm and let it spin. The molten metal is forced into the mold.

Various sheet metal fabrication equipment. These are very heavy and we will need to build stand for them. But we finally have a heavy duty sheet metal brake!

Have you signed up as a Maker?

This is the final week for Makers to sign up to participate in the 2016 Honolulu Mini Maker Faire.  We’ll be there as well as other makers from around the state.  Go to the Honolulu Mini Maker Farie website for more info!

Glass fusing now available!

We received a small kiln at the Makerspace and wondered if it was suitable for fusing small pieces of glass.


As a test, a rectangular piece of red glass was placed on kiln paper placed in the kiln.  A small square of the same glass was placed on top, diagonally, with one corner hanging over the edge.  If the kiln could reach a high enough temperature, the two pieces will reach full fuse and become indistinguishable from each other.  If it only got part way, the corner would sag over but the two pieces would still appear distinct.



The kiln does not have a thermometer and the controls are Off, L, M, and H.  If we intend to use this for glass fusing, some upgrades will be necessary.  For now, set to H.  After one hour, it looks like the glass reached full fuse!



After two hours of cooling, the glass was removed from the kiln.  Success!  Full fuse was attained.  We’ll look into upgrading the kiln to take the guesswork out of it.  Then look into offering classes.  Right now, if any member knows how to fuse glass, they are welcome to start using it.

Oahu Makerspace members get access to VCarve Pro for free!

VCarve Pro is a powerful but simple to use software to design and machine parts on a CNC machine.  Unfortunately, if you wanted to purchase a copy, it would cost you $699.  Oahu Makerspace has signed up with Vectric, the company behind VCarve Pro, to offer our members free access to VCarve Pro!



The process is simple.  Members can download the VCarve Pro trial version to their personal computer.  Then enter Oahu Makerspace’s VCarve ID code as the license number.  This unlocks the powerful VCarve Pro software and puts it into Makerspace Client Edition.  Members can design and preview toolpaths at home on their own time at their convenience.  Then they save the Makerspace Client Edition file and bring it to the Makerspace and load it onto one of the computers that has the Makerspace licensed version.  The Makerspace’s version can convert the file to a toolpath that can be run on the Makerspace’s CNC machines.


From Vectric’s website

This is an exciting development which couldn’t have come at a better time as we are working on building a smaller CNC machine for smaller jobs, a larger CNC machine to expand the capacity, and creating a CNC plasma cutter.

The restrictions to this license are:

(1) files created using a Makerspace Client Edition can only be converted to an actual toolpath on the computers at the Makerspace and

(2) the files must be used to carve on the Makerspace’s CNC machines.



Christmas Party!

We will be hosting a Christmas party/open house on December 18th, Friday.  Live music, tours, and attendees can make their own custom wood Christmas ornament on the laser.



Click on the photo for more info.

Barnes and Noble Mini Makerfaire

We will be at the Barnes and Noble Mini Makerfaire at Ala Moana Center 11/7 -11/8.  Come down and see 3D printing, Sphero robot, mini-quadcopter, and the Minecraft RFID controller.


Schools of the Future!

We will be at the 2015 Schools of the Future Conference at the Convention Center. We will be demonstrating 3D printing as how to use OpenSCAD and BlocksCAD to generate 3D models. Slightly different than what we did at the Lacy Veach Day of Discovery this past Saturday.

Cosplay Workshop!

Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24, from 10a to 4p, we will be hosting Anime Matsuri Hawaii’s Cosplay Workshop. Get some help with your costume and get to use some of the equipment.