Lots of things going on

Lots of things going on at the Makerspace.

A member is making a beautiful laminated wood tabletop:

There is special ukulele construction class for the Wounded Warriors:

All the parts are in for the 3D laser scanner:

And we are going to attempt to build a custom lightsaber

Busy, Busy, Busy

We’ve been very busy at the Makerspace. New equipment, new classes, new members. We are going to try and keep this page better updated. Some of the things that have been going on: New laser tube to replace the old one, a vinyl printer to make color custom stickers, blacksmithing area set up, plasma cutter online.

Party on March 15th, Makerspace closed for work.

On Sunday, March 15th, Oahu Makerspace will be hosting a kickoff party for the launch of the Pahulele, a unique collapsible ukukele.  There will be a live band, food, and demonstrations of the Pahulele.  The Makerspace will be closed for work on that day.  Come on down and spend some time relaxing.

Pahulele Event

Altas 3D laser scanner

I backed a KickStarter for a 3D scanner that uses line lasers and a Raspberry Pi.  I want to have it to show the kids at the Mililani Mauka Middle School STEM event this Friday so I have been building it using the files that the creator released.  The fit of the parts are fantastic.


All the parts released to date. Missing two key parts.


Raspberry Pi camera module in the printed housing.  Perfect fit.

Raspberry Pi camera module in the printed housing. Perfect fit.











Nice snug fit on for the laser module.

Nice snug fit on for the laser module.










MiniMakerfaire meeting is POSTPONED

This Thursday’s planning meeting for the Honolulu Mini Makerfaire is postponed until NEXT Thursday, March 5th.  Sorry.

Webpage updated

We got a new industrial sewing machine in the shop.  Actually, we have received a lot of new equipment since the webpage was last updated.  So I took this opportunity to revise the equipment list.


Melting Metal!

We saw a video on how to make a small foundry to melt aluminum.  It’s something we planned to do for a while now and that was our incentive to get on it.  Build it a few days ago and we are planning on firing it up today!

Foundry01sm Foundry02sm

Ross on Hawaii Public Radio!

Our founder, Ross, was interviewed for a segment on Hawaii Public Radio, HPR. It will be part of the news broadcast tomorrow, January 8th, at 7:40 am and 4:30pm on KHPR, and on KIPO at 12:30 or 1:30 pm. The exact timing within the show might change a bit.

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Map of Suppliers

During the kickoff, some people asked where they could get supplies for their projects. Our location is fantastic in that we have so many companies near by that can meet your needs. Electronics parts, raw metal, lumber, tools, even self-storage places for your larger projects. I’ve created a custom map and put a link on the Location page under The Shop. Here is a direct link to that page.

We Are Open!

The kickoff went really well this past weekend.  We opened our doors for members on Monday.  It is gratifying to have people in the shop using the equipment at long last.