Category: Equipment News

New equipment

We have received a lot of new equipment over the past few months. The wiki has been sorely neglected and that is something we need to fix. But for now here are some photos of the things we just got

Glass fusing now available!

We received a small kiln at the Makerspace and wondered if it was suitable for fusing small pieces of glass. As a test, a rectangular piece of red glass was placed on kiln paper placed in the kiln.  A small

Oahu Makerspace members get access to VCarve Pro for free!

VCarve Pro is a powerful but simple to use software to design and machine parts on a CNC machine.  Unfortunately, if you wanted to purchase a copy, it would cost you $699.  Oahu Makerspace has signed up with Vectric, the

Busy, Busy, Busy

We’ve been very busy at the Makerspace. New equipment, new classes, new members. We are going to try and keep this page better updated. Some of the things that have been going on: New laser tube to replace the old

Altas 3D laser scanner

I backed a KickStarter for a 3D scanner that uses line lasers and a Raspberry Pi.  I want to have it to show the kids at the Mililani Mauka Middle School STEM event this Friday so I have been building

Webpage updated

We got a new industrial sewing machine in the shop.  Actually, we have received a lot of new equipment since the webpage was last updated.  So I took this opportunity to revise the equipment list.  

Policies and Membership Fees posted

I just updated the Policies page and posted the new membership fees.  This is really exciting!  We were really able to reduce the cost of membership.  Take a look at the equipment list and see what members will have access

Milestones Reached!

On Saturday we hooked up the computer and all the electronics for the CNC router.  We ran a quick motion test and it worked!  We still need to work out a mounting setup for the computer system, but it should

Got a computer!

We were able to come up with two computers for the CNC machine.  The plan for tomorrow is to continue working on the vacuum forming table and getting the CNC router to move.  Maybe we will have photos and video

Vacuum Forming Machine and CNC Router Progress

Looks like Ross has been working on the oven part of the vacuum forming machine.  I was able to piece together a computer for the CNC router.  I still need to find a PCI video card but I have one