Class List

Members must complete the Orientation class to be authorized to work in the shop.  Some equipment requires additional training classes.


We are currently revising our training program and schedule and breaking things down into shorter units. A new schedule is coming soon!

Power tools are used safely by millions of people every day. The key to using a tool to its full potential while avoiding injury is knowing what it is, what it does, how it does it, and how to use it.

Prevous Classes

Basic Welding Class
Learn to use a metal cutting bandsaw, grinder, and MIG/Stick arc welders

Laser Engraving and Cutting
Learn to use a 40w CO2 laser to cut and engrave decorative wood, acrylic, and glass

Vectors and Vinyl Plotter
Vector art is the start for a lot of CNC work. The easiest way to translate that into something tangible is with a vinyl cutting plotter.

3D Printing
A 3D printer is a simple CNC machine that builds shapes out of melted plastic. Learn to use a 3D printer and print your own souvenir!

Safety and basic usage:

Metal Shop:

Metal Cutting and Grinding Tools
Drill Press and Milling Machines

CNC Equipment:
Laser Cutter/Engraver
CNC Router

More exciting classes are coming soon. We are open to any suggestions and we are working on the following beginner level classes:
Basic woodworking projects- Hardwood boxes and inlays
Basic metal fabrication projects
Electronics: Fundamentals, Circuits, and Soldering.
Build your own AM Radio

Class Pictures

The Upstairs Table Saw

The Upstairs Table Saw