Oahu Makerspace allows people to use community power, space, equipment, and tools to work on whatever kind of project they may have. For homeowners, this means that individuals do not need to sacrifice their whole garage or spare bedroom for use as a workshop. Neither does anyone need to invest in large equipment or electrical feeds to try something new. For apartment dwellers, such a space would be nearly impossible at home. In addition, members gain access to a collaborative community, including full time staff who serve as mentors for people with less experience. This collaboration allows for interdisciplinary cross-pollination of ideas, which cannot occur at home. A spark is created when a machinist is able to get input from a woodworker or an inventor bounces an idea off of a graphic artist.

To cover the costs of such an operation (power, rent, maintenance, and new equipment) members pay a fee for access and are relieved of the burden of trying to fit any of the equipment in their own space. This is similar in structure to a fitness club for a person who does not have the space at home for exercise equipment.

What benefits do Oahu Makerspace Members enjoy?

  • Access to Makerspace tools and equipment available in the facility.
  • Assistance from the Technical Specialists.
  • Priority placement on classes offered by Oahu Makerspace.
  • Discounts on class fees
  • Discounts in the Oahu Makerspace shop.
  • 10% discount on group purchases from Sparkfun and Adafruit.

What does it cost?

The monthly membership fee is $89.  There is a set up fee of $10.  This covers activating your account and printing and issuing of an ID badge.  Replacement badges will cost $5.  Members who allow their membership to lapse greater than 6 months will be subject to the $10 fee to reactivate their account. Every member can use an available locker, provided that they put their name on the outside.

The set up fee is waived for immediate family members (spouse, children).  Minors, individuals under 18, may become members if their parent or legal guardian is a member.  Minors are restricted from operating some of the more hazardous equipment, like the welding equipment, table saw, etc.  They must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times.  The monthly membership fee for minors is $39 a month.