Oahu Makerspace allows people to use community power, space, equipment, and tools to work on whatever kind of project they may have. For homeowners, this means that individuals do not need to sacrifice their whole garage or spare bedroom for use as a workshop. Neither does anyone need to invest in large equipment or electrical feeds to try something new. For apartment dwellers, such a space would be nearly impossible at home. In addition, members gain access to a collaborative community, including full time staff who serve as mentors for people with less experience. This collaboration allows for interdisciplinary cross-pollination of ideas, which cannot occur at home. A spark is created when a machinist is able to get input from a woodworker or an inventor bounces an idea off of a graphic artist.

To cover the costs of such an operation (power, rent, maintenance, and new equipment) members pay a fee for access and are relieved of the burden of trying to fit any of the equipment in their own space. This is similar in structure to a fitness club for a person who does not have the space at home for exercise equipment.

What benefits do Oahu Makerspace Members enjoy?

  • Access to Makerspace tools and equipment available in the facility.
  • Assistance from the Technical Specialists.
  • Priority placement on classes offered by Oahu Makerspace.
  • Discounts on class fees
  • Discounts in the Oahu Makerspace shop.
  • 10% discount on group purchases from Sparkfun and Adafruit.

What does it cost?

The monthly membership fee is $89.  There is a set up fee of $10.  This covers activating your account and printing and issuing of an ID badge.  Replacement badges will cost $5.  Members who allow their membership to lapse greater than 6 months will be subject to the $10 fee to reactivate their account.

The set up fee is waived for immediate family members (spouse, children).  Minors, individuals under 18, may become members if their parent or legal guardian is a member.  Minors are restricted from operating some of the more hazardous equipment, like the welding equipment, table saw, etc.  They must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times.  The monthly membership fee for minors is $39 a month.

Members that sign up for six months at a time are assigned their own small Project Locker to store personal projects or supplies.   Minors subject to the discounted rate are not eligible for this benefit.  Monthly members may rent a Project Locker for $10 a month on a space available basis.


8 comments on “Membership
  1. Steve Berkoff says:


    So glad to come across your ad in Craigslist. You shop is exactly what I’m looking for. I live on the Big Island, but I have a WestSail at the Ala Wai Marina. I am in the middle of doing an upgrade to the cabin and topsides. There are projects I want to do that can’t be done on a pair of saw horses on a dock. Since I don’t live on Oahu, I don’t have a space of my own for projects. Joining your group is the obvious answer to my dilemma.

    I have three questions please. First, are you located next to a rental storage unit by any chance? It would be nice to have someplace to store my supplies and wood. Second, I have a lot of hand and small power tools on the boat that I would use on some of my projects. Is there a lock-up at your shop so I can leave my tools there in safety? Third, I am disabled, and need an assistant to help me with heavy and/or large objects. My son (26 years old) helps me with this task. Will I need to pay for a separate membership for him? Is there another fee (like your fee for minors) that I could pay instead?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, and getting to work on some of my bigger projects.

    Steve Berkoff
    Hawi, Hawaii

  2. Nathan says:

    Hi Steve,

    There are a couple of rental storage areas nearby. If you go to The Shop -> Location page on our website, I put a link to a custom map that has some suppliers and services that are near to the Makerspace. Here is a direct link to the page: West Marine is within a mile or so too.

    Personal tools are allowed, but we do not have a secured storage area for them. We do have small lockers, around 12″ x 12″, available for rent at $10/month. If you sign up for a six month period, you get the locker for free for that time.

    If your son is helping you simply to load and unload material, then there would be no charge. If he is working in the space, then he would have to be a regular member. However the setup charge is waived for family members.

    If you have any other questions, you can contact me directly at nathan (at)

  3. Tom Wooley says:

    I’m coming to Hawaii, Pearl City from Guam for two weeks and would like to come by your shop and check it out. Who would I talk to about someone in my situation from off-island visiting the shop for a short time. Basically I wanted to stop by and get some ideas that I could bring back to my own island. I am in the process of starting a Guam Makerspace. In fact check out my website, My purpose to come to Oahu is to visit my mom who just suffered a stroke and is in the hospital,Pali Momi Medical Center. So obviously most of my time will be by her side, but if there is any time perhaps when it might not be possible to be next to her, one of the activities that I would like to try and do is check out your shop as I don’t often visit Hawaii. Thank you and would appreciate any consideration.

    • Nathan says:

      So sorry to hear about your mother. Pali Momi is a good hospital and I’m sure they will take good care of her.

      Drop by any time we are open. Monday through Friday 4 pm to 9 pm. Except for Thursday, when we are closed. We are also open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. If you want to talk about what we went through when we stated up this new facility, best you talk to either myself or Ross, the founder. When you get your travel dates set up, drop me an email and we can figure out a time to meet.

      • Tom Wooley says:

        Just got back on Guam. Arrived 7:00pm Friday. It’s now almost 11:00pm and I’m a little on Hawaii time still and that’s like 3 am . I’m gonna go to bed now but will write more later. I really appreciated meeting all the Oahu makerspace crew. Alex, Ross, Nathan and the rest.

  4. Warren Naai says:

    Aloha, my name is Warren Naai and I am collaborating with Tiffany Tubon at Manulele Distillery on some pens made out of their rum barrel staves. She mentioned that you can do laser engraving of wood products. Can you do laser engraving on small items such as wooden pens about 3/18″-1/2″ in diameter? Do I need to be a member?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Warren. Yes, the laser can engrave wood pens. We have done it on pens created in the shop. There are two ways to go about this. You can become a member and we teach you how to use the laser and you can do it yourself. You could engrave and cut other things as well in addition to access to the rest of the shop. Or we can run the job for you. If you would like to pursue the latter option, contact us and we can work on a price for the job.

      • Warren Naai says:

        Mahalo Nathan. I will probably ask you folks to run the job for me. I will come by some evening soon, bring some turned pen barrels, and show you what I need. I believe Ross has done some work for Manulele already and may have the artwork they want on the pens.

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