These policies were developed to provide members a safe and creative environment.    These policies may change as the situation dictate and we will do our best to keep you informed.


General Guidance:

  • Be safe – Equipment can be dangerous.  Heat, electrical, sharp, pinching.  Know the capabilities and limitations of the equipment and yourself.
  • Be respectful  – the Makerspace is a community.  What you do will affect others.
  • Be creative – The Makerspace is here to help you make your ideas real.  You can share your knowledge with others.


No smoking allowed on Makerspace property including the parking lot.  This includes e-cigarettes.

No alcohol or illegal drug consumption is allowed on Makerspace property including the parking lot.

No operation of equipment while impaired.  Includes but not limited to alcohol, drugs (prescription, over the counter, or otherwise), fatigue, etc.  This is a safety issue.

No dangerous or illegal projects.  If there is a question about your project, ask one of the Makerspace Technical Specialists.

If you are not qualified or unsure how to operate something, ask for assistance.

If something breaks, let the staff know so it can be fixed.

Follow all rules and guidance regarding safety equipment and dress and the directions of the Makerspace Technical Specialists.

Please wear your ID badge at all times.  It is your key to the realm.  Certain pieces of equipment can only be activated by scanning your badge.  Plus it identifies you as one of the select people who are members of Oahu Makerspace!


Equipment Usage:

Before a member is allowed to work in the space, they must attend an orientation briefing.  This will cover general rules of the Makerspace, tour of the space and equipment, and a safety section.

Prior to using some of the complex equipment on their own, members must successfully complete an authorization course.  These courses can be scheduled on demand and for a nominal fee.  It will cover setup and safe usage for both yourself and the machine.  Basically, it covers how to get the most out of the equipment and to give you the knowledge to help you succeed.

Some equipment may require an additional usage fee to cover supplies and utilities.

Due to staffing limitations, some equipment will not be available for use during certain hours.  This schedule will be posted on the website.  We are working to minimize the impact of this issue.  If you need to use something outside of these hours, please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If there is a high demand for a particular piece of equipment, we may set time limitations to ensure that all members have an opportunity to use it.

Minors will not be allowed to use some of the more hazardous pieces of equipment.

Members are responsible for providing their own consumables which include things like drill bits, saw blades, router bits, masking tape, glue, etc.

Safety of members and equipment is important.  A member may be disqualified from using a piece of equipment if they are using it in an unsafe manner.  If this occurs, they may retake the authorization course for that equipment.

Members may bring their personal equipment to the space.  However, personal equipment shall be removed when the member leaves for the day.  The Makerspace will not be responsible for the equipment or preventing other members from using it.  Any damage or injury that may occur will be the responsibility of the owner of the equipment.  Depending on the hazard risks of unauthorized operation the equipment, the owner may have to provide access control.


Safety Equipment:

Eye protection and covered shoes are required at minimum if you are in the first floor shop area.  Metal and wood working may be going on and things may be flying.  No loose clothing, necklaces, lanyards, etc while operating machinery.  Long hair should be put up.   Rotating machinery could capture and pull loose items in and you with it.  Depending on what you are doing, consider wearing steel toed shoes, ear plugs, gloves, etc.  The shop has some personal protective equipment (PPE) available for purchase if you forget your own.

Eye protection and covered shoes may not be necessary if you are traversing the area to get to the stairwell to the second floor.  However it is still recommended.  Eye protection and covered shoes may be required on the second floor depending on what you are working on.



Day Lockers:  There are a limited number of  Day Lockers for you to use when you are in the Makerspace to store personal items.  All items must be removed when you leave the space for the day.  At the end of the day, all items will be cleared from the day lockers.  Locks, if installed, will be removed (cut off) and the owner will not be reimbursed for the cost of the lock.  The Makerspace is not responsible for items left in the lockers or removed at the end of the day.

Project Lockers:  The purpose of these lockers is to provide members a space where they can store small personal projects and supplies instead of having to cart them back and forth.

Members will need to provide their own lock if they desire one.  The Makerspace reserves the right to open the locker if the situation is deemed necessary.  We will respect your privacy, but for example, if smoke is coming out of the locker, we will have to find out what it is.


Guests and children:

Members are welcome to bring guests into the Makerspace for a tour.  Please make prior arrangements with a Technical Specialist for clearance and an escort.  Guests will not be allowed to use the equipment.  This is due to safety concerns.

We love children and one part of our mission is to introduce children to the concept of invention, innovation, Making, and to foster creativity.  Parents or guardians who are members may bring their children if they accompany them at all times.  We do ask that you be considerate of other members.  Some people working on their own project may not appreciate the activity level of children in their area.   There are also safety concerns.

Children who are not members may not use the equipment.  The exception would be special events and classes.

Children may be restricted from the first floor of the shop due to hazardous operations that may be going on.  For their safety, we ask that children under 8 years old not be brought to the Makerspace.



Pets are not allowed in the Makerspace.  This is in consideration for those who are allergic to animals and for the general safety of those animals and members.

Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere.   Members who violate these rules may be asked to leave.  Repeat violation or extenuating  circumstances may result in cancellation of membership.


Questions, comments, suggestions?

If you have any questions about these policies or have some recommendations, feel free to contact me at nathan[at]oahumakerspace.com.  We’ve attempted to anticipate situations that may arise, but we are always open to suggestions for improvement.